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100 Slogans for Tree Plantation Events and Save Trees Initiatives

100 Slogans for Tree Plantation and Save Trees Eve

Vegetation and green cover are crucial to our eco-system and critical natural resources, seeing as how they produce oxygen, which is essential for the existence and survival of nearly every species on this planet. So, by causing or playing a role in deforestation, we are not only endangering our lives, we are also putting the entire planet at risk. We know how important trees are to our existence and for the well-being of the planet at large, which is why we have put together a number of slogans…

Why Everyday Should be a Tree Plantation Day - Importance of Planting Trees

Why Everyday Should be a Tree Plantation Day - Imp

When you plant a tree, you don’t just plant a sapling but hope. We have learned it the hard way that trees are extremely important for our survival. We first resorted to deforestation and made space for more buildings on earth. Later, when we saw the environment getting seriously affected, we were introduced to something called “afforestation”, a simple process of planting more trees for a better future. Trees are essentially the livestock of humankind and other living organisms.…

What is Bonsai? Complete Guide With Its Meaning,Types and Designs

What is Bonsai? Complete Guide With Its Meaning,Ty

The ancient art of Bonsai symbolizing harmony, balance, and peace dates back to well over a thousand years. The word 'Bon-sai', which is Japanese in origin literally means "planted in a container". It traces its roots to an ancient Chinese horticultural practice. Bonsai further developed under Zen Buddhism. It has been said that "According to Japanese tradition, the Bonsai represents the three virtues or shin-zen-bi, which translates into truth, goodness, and beauty. “There…

Coronavirus Pandemic 2020 - Nelda Helps Elderly Punekars To Fight This Outbreak

Coronavirus Pandemic 2020: Nelda Helps Elderly Pun

Watch Vedarth's full video about this: Nelda's Facebook Video   As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across India, social organisations are actively spreading awareness of this disease among the lesser-privileged sectors who have very restricted access to reliable information about and prevention of the virus infection. With a coronavirus spreading throughout the world, India is fighting for an impact on public health and the economy.   What is Coronavirus? Coronaviruses…

Gift a Tree- Give the Gift that Fights Climate Change

Gift a Tree- Give the Gift that Fights Climate Cha

There was a time when people looked at the word 'climate change' furiously. Today, climate change is the reality of our lives. No one can deny the harsh and deadly impact of climate change on the planet earth.  From the United Nations to international NGOs and from Indian government to social activists, everyone is trying their best to minimize the impacts of climate change. They are also finding new innovative ways to reduce the carbon emissions from the atmosphere. On the…