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Coronavirus Pandemic 2020 - Nelda Helps Elderly Punekars To Fight This Outbreak

Coronavirus Pandemic 2020: Nelda Helps Elderly Pun

Watch Vedarth's full video about this:   As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across India, social organisations are actively spreading awareness of this disease among the lesser-privileged sectors who have very restricted access to reliable information about and prevention of the virus infection. With a coronavirus spreading throughout the world, India is fighting for an impact on public health and the economy.  …

Gift a Tree- Give the Gift that Fights Climate Change

Gift a Tree- Give the Gift that Fights Climate Cha

There was a time when people looked at the word 'climate change' furiously. Today, climate change is the reality of our lives. No one can deny the harsh and deadly impact of climate change on the planet earth.  From the United Nations to international NGOs and from Indian government to social activists, everyone is trying their best to minimize the impacts of climate change. They are also finding new innovative ways to reduce the carbon emissions from the atmosphere. On the…

5 Essential Ways Trees Help Our Planet

trees help planet

Trees are like the planet's lungs. They're taking in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen. In addition, they provide shelter for birds and other wildlife.  We also hear that trees are good for the environment and that deforestation, on the other hand, is bad for the planet. Most people, however, wonder if trees can help the environment. Here are just a few examples that trees are a ' green ' part of our world. Here are few reasons to plant more trees.   1. Trees…

How Do Plants Help To Reduce Environmental Pollution?


In the current climate, we are constantly bombarded by all sides about pollution reducing, our environmental impact and protecting our environment. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to start! In addition to our regular duties of reducing recycling and recycling, did you think of planting trees? We plant trees primarily for their beauty and to provide shade, but by planting and caring for trees, you help to improve your environment, reduce pollution, lower energy costs. How? They reduce…

9 Trees Excellent for Your Tree Plantation Drive

9 Trees Excellent for Your Tree Plantation Drive i

It’s no secret that the green plants in India have lowered down over the course of these many years. And that’s why it has become really important to plant trees now more than ever. Many countries have started planting trees. And we are simply lagging behind. We all know that great quality of vegetation grows in our country. And by vegetation, we mean trees. There are various different trees in India. If we try to consider in all the trees in India, then this list will just go on and…