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Donate Trees in India with Nelda

Donate Trees with Nelda in India

Nelda – an interesting name. Nelda – This feminine name holds its origin in Irish language. Nelda is a very teutonic name meaning – ‘under the elder tree’. Some people describe Nelda as a scene in ancient times. As there were no mass media and communication gadgets available. Elder people of a village would gather under a tree to seek its shade in the heat of the day. And thereby exchange new thoughts, share and learn new things. As it in today’s electronic…

40 Common Trees in India - Uses, Benefits of Trees of India

40 Common Trees in India - Uses, Benefits of Trees

India is home to a rich, dense variety of flora and fauna. The distinct climatic conditions, water bodies, and soil facilitate different kinds of foliage all year long in different parts of the country. Some trees are native to our land while some are found in other places too. The temperature and rainfall differences allow for a variety of trees to grow.   Trees in India also find a place in the history and culture of the country. Banyan is the national tree of India. Trees in India have a…

67 Interesting Facts about Trees - You'll be Surprised!

67 Interesting Facts about Trees - You'll be Surpr

Trees. They offer shade on a summer’s day. Stunning bursts of colour in fall. The stark beauty of bark against an overcast winter sky. And the hope of rebirth as green leaf shoots sprouts from seemingly out of nowhere in spring. Trees are not only pretty to look at; they are vital to the existence of life. Trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, offer a home for teeming communities of wildlife, provide us with timber for making an infinite number of products, and are in general, absolutely…

21 Tree Plantation Myths You Need to STOP Believing

21 Tree Plantation Myths You Need to STOP Believin

With the near instant dissemination of information and news via modern technology, there is now an ever-increasing consciousness or awareness about the imminent dangers of climate change and global warming. Trees are vital to everyone’s existence. One of the greatest causes of this global tragedy is the indiscriminate destruction of the planet’s green cover. Thus, it follows that one of the easiest ways to rectify this situation is by boosting the earth’s green cover. According…

Become a Tree Plantation Volunteer in Pune with Nelda

Become a Tree Plantation Volunteer with Nelda

Without trees life simply can not exist. The world is currently facing the problems of climate change and the preservation of wildlife, as well as the need to support billions of people. We need to find answers. And trees could hold the answer. Trees provide oxygen after all, and store carbon. They give fuel, food, medicines, building materials, and more to humans. And they keep animals in shelter and anchor the soil. Trees help to clean the air we breathe and also clean our drinking water.…