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    Tree Plantation Drives in Pune

    Our plan is to help people plant and grow a billion trees in India in 25 years. Join us to make this world a greener place.

Tree Plantation NGO in Pune

Nelda means champion in the Irish language and a person who lives by alder trees. At Nelda Foundation, we understand that working for the environment is everyone’s responsibility. You can’t talk yourself out of this. Our community and environment have done so much for us and it’s now our turn to return the favour. We had launched project Nelda in 2016 with a plan to help people plant and grow a billion trees by 2041. And we know that we can’t do it alone. It’s going to take all the citizens of this great country called India to come together and be the change.

If you or your company wants to do tree plantation in Pune, Nelda can be your best companion. Doing this for 4 years now, we're used to running plantation drives in Pune and helping various NGOs make our city greener. Tree plantation is not actually very complicated. It only requires an expert and knowledgeable team. With our army of volunteers and years of experience, we can work together to make your plantation drive in Pune successful.

You can either donate saplings to Nelda to be planted in Pune, or join us with your team to run your own tree plantation drive. We also provide tree plantation services throughout Maharashtra where we help companies and organisations do tree plantation. If you want to get started with us, simply call Shubham on +919823348087 to get started! #iamNelda

See Nelda and our champions in action!

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