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We're the friends of the Earth

Nelda is a registered tree plantation NGO in Pune founded in 2016 with a belief and intension to spread the message of environment in the society. Started by Vedarth Deshpande as the first member, Nelda was founded with Shubham Ghule, Rohan Agawane and Sagar Bhagirath on 26th June, 2016. We do not believe in sitting idle, complaining, criticising the system or just posting on the internet about how wrong things are. We want to make this world greener than how we found it be helping people plant a billion trees by 2041.

Nelda is mostly a 'young' group, as most of the volunteers are under 30. And that's what makes us do things even more. We can help you drive your tree plantation drive anywhere in Pune, and even plant trees on your behalf.

So, are you looking for a fun and exciting way to support the environment around you? If you're an adventure seeker and want to add some meaning to your passion, make your next trek a fundraiser for the cause you love with 'Nelda Treks for a Cause'.

We started 'Heaven Adventure' as your trusted trekking group in Pune in 2019 to help the environment around the forts of Maharashtra. We arrange treks to the forts of Maharashtra where we not only have fun, but clean up the plastics and plant saplings as well. We visit forts to collect waste that has been carelessly dumped within the fort and along the pathways leading up to the fort. The waste collected in the bins, and sent for recycling and being part of the initiative for the locals.

We arrange treks to the forts in Maharashtra in order to create awareness among the citizens. We wish more and more groups of motivated individuals should adopt certain forts and their surroundings for conservation.
We invite you in our quest to be a trekking company in Pune that actually cares for the nature. Your support and love is what keeps us going!

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