Pune Trekkers Process & Infomation

Pune Trekkers Process & Infomation

On this page, we're giving vital process of trekking and information for Pune trekkers. If you know something that should be here, please let us know in the comments below!

The Process of Heaven Adventure Treks:

1. It all starts your decision to trek with us. You can choose from our various treks from Pune!

2. Once you make the payment (all payments are in advance) on the Heaven Adventure website, you'll get a confirmation call.

3. You'll need to submit your required legal info, including age, blood group, identity proof etc., to the Heaven Adventure team. This info will be kept secret.

4. Our team will give you a list of things to carry and a definite schedule of your trek. If you've booked your spot into a group trek, schedule can't be changed for you alone. If you've booked a personal trek or corporate trek, the schedule can be flexible except for certain restrictions.

5. Around 30 days before your trek, you'll get a call from our team regarding your travel bookings and other arrangements.

6. Around 7 days before your trek, you'll again get a call from our team confirming details with you again.

7. On the day of the trek, you are required to arrive on time to the fixed venue i.e. railway station, bus station, etc.

8. During the Maharashtra treks and the Himalayan treks, 2 tour guides from Heaven Adventure will accompany you all the time. Tour guide's decision will be final and binding on you.

9. As a part of the 'trekking for a cause', you may be asked to participate in a social work activity during the trek. This may include collecting plastics, planting a tree or teaching local kids. You can choose to not participate. Required safety equipment will be provided for all social work.

10. As all our treks are Pune-to-Pune, your trek will end only after we drop you off at the Pune railway or bus station.

Things to Remember While Going on Treks from Pune:

1. Please provide true legal and health info to your Heaven Adventure tour guide.

2. If we find you unfit to trek before or while we're on a trek, we can send you back or ask you to stay at the base camp until the trek is completed.

3. Punctuality from everywhere is expected at all our treks.

4. You aren't supposed to leave the group while trekking at any time.

5. Trekking shoes are compulsory.

6. We're trekking with a group so getting along with the group is recommended.

7. Smoking, alcohol and any type of drugs are absolutely not allowed. You'll be sent back home immediately if found under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

8. Trekking is no joke. If your health isn't supportive enough for hard treks, it's recommended to first prepare your fitness and then join us on treks.