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  • rajmachi trek in maharashtra
  • rajmachi trek in maharashtra

किल्ले विसापूर ट्रेक / Visapur Fort Trek

Rs.999 Rs.1,199
किल्ल्याची ऊंची: १०८४  / Height of the Fort:  1376 ft.
किल्ल्याचा प्रकार: गिरीदुर्ग / Type of the Fort: Hill Fort
डोंगररांग: लोणावळा / Fort Range: Lonawala
जिल्हा: पुणे  District: Pune
श्रेणी: सोपी / Difficulty: Easy

या ट्रेक मध्ये आपल्याला काय मिळेल?
1. पुणे ते पुणे खासगी बस मध्ये प्रवास , 2. प्रथमोपचार पेटी, 3. चहा / कॉफी, 4. १ वेळचा नाष्टा, 5. १ वेळचे जेवण 

आमच्यासोबत ट्रेक का?
या ट्रेक मधील नफा हा किल्ले संवर्धन व पर्यावरण संवर्धन याकार्यासाठी केला जाईल. छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांचा इतिहास अनुभवण्यासोबत किल्ल्यावरील स्वच्छता व वृक्षारोपण करणे असा आपला मानस आहे. चला तर मग, एका adventure वर जाऊया!

This is a one day trek. General brief itinerary:
- We will leave from Pune, Deccan area, at around 5 am
- We will do breakfast during our journey to the fort at around 8 am
- We will start trekking the fort at around 10 am
- We will reach the fort top at around 12 pm
- We will see the fort and nearby sights till 3 pm
- Lunch will either be on the fort or at the base of the fort if we come down early
- We will leave the fort for Pune at around 5 pm
- We will be reaching Pune by 8 pm

मराठे इ.स. १६८२ सालच्या ऑक्टोबर महिन्यात पुण्याच्या उत्तर बाजूला स्वारीसाठी गेले. डिसेंबरच्या पहिल्या आठवडात शहाबुद्दीन चाकणमध्ये होता. मराठे लोहगडाच्या बाजूला आल्याचे समजल्यावर तो तेथे पोहचला. तेथे त्याने केलेल्या चकमकीत ६० माणसांची कत्तल झाली. तेथून मराठे विसापूर किल्ल्यावर गेल्याचे समजले म्हणून तो तेथे पोहचेपर्यंत मराठे कुसापुर गावाजवळ पोहचले. १६८२ मध्ये मराठांचा आणि मोगलांचा शिवाशिवीचा खेळ चालूच होता. ४ मार्च इ.स. १६१८ ला जनरल प्रॉथर लोहगड जिंकण्यासाठी आला. त्याने सर्व प्रथम विसापूर जिंकला. ज्या दिवशी विसापूर इंग्रजांनी घेतला त्याच्या दुसर्‍याच दिवशी मराठे लोहगड सोडून गेले.

Visapur Fort Trek: All You Need To Know
If you are someone who loves adventures and love the beautiful sceneries, then one of the best places you can carry on with your trekking adventures is Visapur Fort. This place is filled with greenery all around. The fort is situated at an altitude of 1,084mtr above the sea level. And you can observe the sight of mesmerizing hills filled with greenery all around. It's one of the destinations that trekkers love to visit during their free time. The place is filled with a rich history and divine culture, and you can expect yourself to be stunned. And if you are a history lover and someone who loves to explore something new, then you are in here for a treat.
Visapur Fort was built between 1713CE & 1720CE. It was built by one of the greatest and first Peshwa of the significant Maratha Empire. You can expect yourself to be dug deep in the significant history of the fort itself and can expect to learn more about the Peshwas and the Maratha Empire. You can expect to learn more about the Maratha rulers and how their leadership affected this place. This fort is really massive and was built as a twin of the popular Lohagad Fort. However, this fort is at a much higher altitude and covers a huge surface area. Both of these forts are known to be sharing the same history and rich divine culture.
You can easily make your way from Mumbai to Pune and visit Visapur Fort in no time. You won’t be finding any difficulty during trekking. However, if you visit this place during the monsoon period, you are advised to wear non-slippery boots as this place can get quite slippery during the monsoon period. However, if you leave the slippery rocks out of the equation, then there’s no doubt that this place is filled with brimming waterfalls, lush greenery and foggy atmosphere that will be jaw-breaking for you and will leave you stunned during the monsoon period.

More About Visapur Fort Trek
A trekking adventure on this magnificent fort is quite an adventure for the history lovers and the usual trekkers. It won't be a factor whether you are an amateur or you are an expert in trekking, it will be an experience of a lifetime for you, and you can expect the adrenaline is rushing in your veins during your trekking adventure.
The climb is rocky. However, you won't face any problem with the climb. This place is filled with dense forests with too many green trees, and you can expect the trekking to be quite tranquil. You will start at Bhaje Village, and it will take you 2.5 to 3 hours to reach your destination. There are a total of two routes that will lead you to the top. If you are looking for a simple and easy route, then you can start from the base village of Lohagadwadi and can expect to reach the top in some time. However, if you are looking for more thrill, then the second route is quite windy and will take some time for you to reach to the top. Plus, if it’s the monsoon period, we won’t even be able to describe it in words.
If you want to go forward with the second route, you must drive your vehicle to Patan Village. Locals will guide you to the starting point. Do you know what the best part about selecting this route is? You will come across various terrains in the same trekking. One time you will be crossing waterfalls, another time you will be walking across plain grassland. It will sometimes lead you to dense forests. However, the route is known to be well-defined, and you can find some boards with some arrows that will guide you to the top of the Visapur fort.
Note: Follow the Trail that goes along with the waterfall.

Visapur Fort History
This fort was suspected of storing a huge amount of wealth of the Maratha Empire. Under suspicion, the British invaded this fort on 4th March 1818. This fort is massive, and you can't question the strength of this fort. And that's one of the main reasons that the British brought with themselves 800 native soldiers and 380 European ones during their adventure.
However, they understood that these many soldiers aren’t enough to carry on with the invasion. That’s why they called for backup and summoned Chakan and Konkan. They blew up the South as well as the North entrances of the fort and started tearing it down. After the fight was over, the British successfully captured the fort.

When Should You Visit Visapur Fort?
If you want to know when you should visit the Visapur fort, then the ideal time for you to visit should be between the middle of June and the end of the winter season. If you visit this place during the monsoon season, then you are in for a rollercoaster ride. You will be observing amazing waterfalls as well as mesmerizing greenery that will leave you stunned until the end. However, if you visit this place during the monsoon, it’s advised to wear non-slippery footwears to protect yourself from any casualties.

At the top, it’s a large plateau. You can expect to take a walk and amaze yourself with the beautiful view from all the sides. The fort is huge enough that it will take you about 2 hours to explore the place entirely. You can expect a few temples of Hanuman at various places and come across a few water storage tankers. You can track the origin of the waterfall, and you'll definitely come across a huge pond.

Tips For Your Visapur Fort Trek
Following are the tips that you should keep in mind while visiting the Visapur Fort:
- Keep water bottles along with you at all times as there are no stalls situated anywhere in the way. A single person must keep 2 litres along with themselves at all times.
- Pack some snacks along with you as it will be a long journey.
- Wear shoes with an amazing grip during the monsoon season. The ground will be too much slippery during the monsoon season. So, be cautious when you walk your way around the place.
- Don’t plan your night here as it’s not allowed for camping. You must climb down when the sun starts to fall.
- We recommend you to start at 8 A.M. in the morning.
- Keep a cap with yourself in order to battle the sun.
- Wear some light clothes made up of cotton.
- Look out for rocks covered in moss and algae. You can slip right there.
- We advise you to carry with yourself some bags which might consist of first aid kit, medicine, etc. However, the bag must be light, and you must not insert a whole lot of stuff in it as you might find it difficult to carry it during your trekking adventure.
- Lookout for some insects on your way up.

You can expect Visapur fort trek to take you to the next level and can fill your mind with positive vibes. And if you want an amazing trekking adventure for you and your friends and families, you need to book this trek to Visapur fort right now!

सोबत काय घ्याल: एक दिवसीय ट्रेक / What You Should Carry: One Day Trek
1. पाण्याची बाटली (अत्यावश्यक) / Water Bottle (Important)
2. ओळखपत्र (आवश्यक माहितीआणि फोटोसह) / Identity Proof with a Passport Size Photo
3. टोपी / Cap
4. ट्रेकिंग बूट किंवा चांगली ग्रीप असेल असे बूट अत्यावश्यक / Sport Shoes with Good Grip
5. औषधे चालू असल्यास ती सोबत घ्यावी / Essential Medicines
6. कोरडा खाऊ (प्राधान्याने अधिक बिस्किटे, राजगिरा, चुरमुर्यांचा चिवडा, सुका मेवा आणि कमी तेलकट वस्तू) / Snacks as Needed
7. पावसापासून आपले संरक्षण करणारे कपडे छत्री / रेनकोट / Raincoat 8. कपडे एक किंवा दोन जोड्या आवश्यक असल्यास / Extra Pair of Clothes 1 / 2 Pair as You Need
9. पैसे आपल्याला काही वयक्तिक घेण्यासाठी लागल्यास / Extra Cash if You Wish to Buy Something
10. दिवा / मशाल (रात्रीच्या वेळी आवश्यक) / Torch, Good at Night
11. पेन आणि नोटबुक / Pen & Notebook
12. सुरक्षा साहित्य / Pocket Knife

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