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torna trek
  • torna trek in maharashtra
  • torna trek in maharashtra
  • torna trek in maharashtra

किल्ले तोरणा ट्रेक / Torna Fort Trek

Rs.899 Rs. 999
किल्ल्याची ऊंची: 1400  / Height of the Fort:  1400 m
किल्ल्याचा प्रकार: गिरीदुर्ग / Type of the Fort: Hill Fort
डोंगररांग: डोंगररांग नाही / Fort Range: No
जिल्हा: पुणे  District: Pune
श्रेणी: मध्यम / Difficulty: Medium

या ट्रेक मध्ये आपल्याला काय मिळेल?
1. पुणे ते पुणे खासगी बस मध्ये प्रवास , 2. प्रथमोपचार पेटी, 3. चहा / कॉफी, 4. १ वेळचा नाष्टा, 5. १ वेळचे जेवण 

आमच्यासोबत ट्रेक का?
या ट्रेक मधील नफा हा किल्ले संवर्धन व पर्यावरण संवर्धन याकार्यासाठी केला जाईल. छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांचा इतिहास अनुभवण्यासोबत किल्ल्यावरील स्वच्छता व वृक्षारोपण करणे असा आपला मानस आहे. चला तर मग, एका adventure वर जाऊया!

This is a one day trek. General brief itinerary:
- We will leave from Pune, Deccan area, at around 5 am
- We will do breakfast during our journey to the fort at around 8 am
- We will start trekking the fort at around 10 am
- We will reach the fort top at around 12 pm
- We will see the fort and nearby sights till 3 pm
- Lunch will either be on the fort or at the base of the fort if we come down early
- We will leave the fort for Pune at around 5 pm
- We will be reaching Pune by 8 pm

तोरणा किल्ला कधी आणि कोणी बांधला याचा पुरावा आज उपलब्ध नाही. येथील लेण्यांच्या आणि मंदिरांच्या अवशेषांवरुन येथे शैवपंथाचा आश्रम असावा. इ.स. १४७० ते १४८६ च्या दरम्यान बहमनी राजवटीसाठी मालिक अहमद याने हा किल्ला जिंकला. पुढे हा किल्ला निजामशाहीत गेला नंतर तो महाराजांनी घेतला व याचे नाव प्रचंडगड ठेवले. गडावर काही इमारती बांधल्या. राजांनी आग्र्‍याहून आल्यावर अनेक गडांचा जीर्णोद्धार केला, त्यात ५ हजार होन इतका खर्च त्यांनी तोरण्यावर केला. संभाजी महाराजांचा वध झाल्यावर हा किल्ला मोगलांकडे गेला. शंकराजी नारायण सचिवांनी तो परत मराठ्यांच्या ताब्यात आणला.
पुढे इ.स. १७०४ मध्ये औरंगजेबाने याला वेढा घातला व लढाई करून आपल्या ताब्यात आणला व याचे नाव फुतुउल्गैब म्हणजे दैवी विजय ठेवले. चार वर्षांनी सरनोबत नागोजी कोकाटे यांनी गडावर लोक चढवून गड पुन्हा मराठ्यांच्या ताब्यात आणला व यानंतर तोरणा कायम स्वराज्यातच राहिला. पुरंदरच्या तहात जे किल्ले मोगलांना दिले, त्यामध्ये तोरणा महारजांकडेच राहिला. विशेष म्हणजे औरंगजेब बादशहाने लढाई करून जिंकलेला असा हा मराठ्यांचा एकमेव किल्ला होय.

Torna Fort Trek: All You Need To Know
If you are looking out to start your trekking adventures, then there's no better place than the state of Maharashtra. It's home to the most amazing forts that will leave you stunned. These hill-forts, on one side, are filled with a rich history and on the other side, are known as the perfect place for trekking. It doesn't matter whether you are a trekker or a history traveller. In the end, you will feel the best you have felt in your life after you start with your trekking journey on any of these forts. After you are done with the adventures, you won't be even able to describe your journey in words. And that's the significance of it. The beauty of your adventures will leave you absolutely stunned till the very end.
Most of the amazing hill forts in Maharashtra are related to the Maratha empire that ruled Maharashtra in the past years. And if you want to know our personal favourite out of these that's filled with a rich history and divine culture is Torna Fort. It’s located in the Pune district. And over the course of many years, it has become to many trekkers. Most of these trekkers are the ones that get excited due to the historical significance of the fort. Won’t you just get excited to visit this fort and learn something new about the Maratha empire? That’s why we have got it covered for you. We have listed out everything you need to know about the Torna Fort and why you must visit it right now.

When’s The Best Time To Visit Torna Fort?
Torna Fort Trek will leave you stunned even after you have completed it and you won’t be able to summarize what you felt in your words. And with it, if you want to know when’s the best time to visit the Torna fort, then we have got it covered for you.
If you consider the beautiful surroundings and the climatic conditions, then we must say that it's a year-round destination to visit for any traveller. However, if you are looking to go out for trekking, we will suggest you visit the place after the monsoon. Post-monsoon, this fort is covered with the beautiful sight of green vegetations, and you will be observing a plain and cool pleasant weather that will fill your mind with positive vibes. And if you are a seasonal tourist, and if you want to go for trekking up the hill, then we will recommend you to visit this place anytime between October and March.

A Sneak Peek At The History Of The Torna Fort
This fort is located at an altitude of 4,603ft. And we must say that it's the highest one all over Pune. And that's the main reason why the trekkers who go out for trekking adventures on this fort are known to leave themselves absolutely stunned. This fort was built by an ardent Lord Shiva's devotee during the 13th Century.
Lord Shivaji took control of the fort during the 17th Century. And it was known to serve as the centre of the Maratha Empire during that time. Hence, you can easily say that the Maratha empire revolved around this fort. Afterwards, this fort was captured by the Mughals. However, a treaty signed between the Mughals and the Peshwas led this fort to get back in possession of the Maratha Empire.

Why You Should Go For Torna Fort Trek Right Now
Don't you want to know the significance of the Maratha Empire and explore the ruins left behind by our ancestors? Don't you want to understand how it all played out in the end? If you are a person that's in love with history and want to enjoy your trekking adventure, then this is the perfect place for you to visit. You can expect to spend some quality time in a peaceful environment filled with greenery and silence. You can observe the greenery all over the place, and it's confirmed that you will absolutely fall in love with it from the first moment. The cool breeze falling on your face will leave you with positive vibes. This perfect combination of cool fresh breeze and green surrounding and perfect weather. What more can you expect? If you are just not satisfied with your adventure and want to explore furthermore, you can visit nearby hill forts such as Rajgad, Raigad, Purandar and Sinhagad Fort.

How To Reach Torna Fort
Airways You can catch a flight directly to Pune airport. After you reach Pune, you can get yourself a cab and reach the Torna fort. You can expect the distance between Torna Fort and airport to be 60kms. You can expect to reach your destination in a matter of 2 hours.

Railways You can catch an express and reach Pune. The nearest railway station is located at some distance of about 52kms. After you have successfully reached the station, you can catch a taxi and make your way to the fort easily.

Roadways If you are travelling by road, then you are well lucky. The region around the Fort is connected well with various cities and connected by various roads, and you can easily make your way through the highway, and you will reach the place in no time. Just check the directions in Google Maps, and you won't be facing any problem reaching the Fort

The above were just words that we used to describe the Torna Fort. But we know that what you felt in your trekking adventure can’t be expressed in words. And if you want to begin your trekking adventure, then we have amazing offers for you. Book a trek to Torna Fort right now!

सोबत काय घ्याल: एक दिवसीय ट्रेक / What You Should Carry: One Day Trek
1. पाण्याची बाटली (अत्यावश्यक) / Water Bottle (Important)
2. ओळखपत्र (आवश्यक माहितीआणि फोटोसह) / Identity Proof with a Passport Size Photo
3. टोपी / Cap
4. ट्रेकिंग बूट किंवा चांगली ग्रीप असेल असे बूट अत्यावश्यक / Sport Shoes with Good Grip
5. औषधे चालू असल्यास ती सोबत घ्यावी / Essential Medicines
6. कोरडा खाऊ (प्राधान्याने अधिक बिस्किटे, राजगिरा, चुरमुर्यांचा चिवडा, सुका मेवा आणि कमी तेलकट वस्तू) / Snacks as Needed
7. पावसापासून आपले संरक्षण करणारे कपडे छत्री / रेनकोट / Raincoat 8. कपडे एक किंवा दोन जोड्या आवश्यक असल्यास / Extra Pair of Clothes 1 / 2 Pair as You Need
9. पैसे आपल्याला काही वयक्तिक घेण्यासाठी लागल्यास / Extra Cash if You Wish to Buy Something
10. दिवा / मशाल (रात्रीच्या वेळी आवश्यक) / Torch, Good at Night
11. पेन आणि नोटबुक / Pen & Notebook
12. सुरक्षा साहित्य / Pocket Knife

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