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sudhagad trek
  • sudhagad trek in maharashtra
  • sudhagad trek in maharashtra
  • sudhagad trek in maharashtra

किल्ले सुधागड ट्रेक / Sudhagad Fort Trek

Rs.999 Rs.1,099
किल्ल्याची ऊंची: ५९० / Height of the Fort: 590 m
किल्ल्याचा प्रकार: गिरीदुर्ग / Type of the Fort: Hill Fort
डोंगररांग: लोणावळा / Fort Range: Lonawala
जिल्हा: रायगड / District: Raigad
श्रेणी: सोपी / Difficulty: Easy

या ट्रेक मध्ये आपल्याला काय मिळेल?
1. पुणे ते पुणे खासगी बस मध्ये प्रवास , 2. प्रथमोपचार पेटी, 3. चहा / कॉफी, 4. १ वेळचा नाष्टा, 5. १ वेळचे जेवण 

आमच्यासोबत ट्रेक का?
या ट्रेक मधील नफा हा किल्ले संवर्धन व पर्यावरण संवर्धन याकार्यासाठी केला जाईल. छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांचा इतिहास अनुभवण्यासोबत किल्ल्यावरील स्वच्छता व वृक्षारोपण करणे असा आपला मानस आहे. चला तर मग, एका adventure वर जाऊया!

This is a one day trek. General brief itinerary.
- We will leave from Pune, Deccan area, at around 5 am
- We will do breakfast during our journey to the fort at around 8 am
- We will start trekking the fort at around 10 am
- We will reach the fort top at around 12 pm
- We will see the fort and nearby sights till 3 pm
- Lunch will either be on the fort or at the base of the fort if we come down early
- We will leave the fort for Pune at around 5 pm
- We will be reaching Pune by 8 pm

सुधागड हा किल्ला फार प्राचीन आहे. या परिसरात अस्तित्वात असणारी ठाणाळे लेणी, ही २२०० वर्षांपूर्वीची आहेत. यावरून असे अनुमान निघते की सुधागड हा देखील तितकाच जुना किल्ला असावा. पुराणात भृगु ऋषींनी येथे वास्तव्य केल्याचे अनेक उल्लेख आढळतात. याच ऋषींनी भोराई देवीची स्थापना या डोंगरावर केली.
इ.स. १६४८ साली हा किल्ला स्वराज्यात सामील झाला. याबाबत असा उल्लेख आढळतो की, 'साखरदर्यात मालवजी नाईक कारके यांनी माळ लाविली. सरदार मालोजी भोसले यांच्या हाताखाली जाधव आणि सरनाईक हे प्रथम किल्ल्यावर चढले. या धारकर्‍यांना उभे करून त्यांचे पाठीवर हैबतराव चढले. त्यास संभाजीराव पुढे जाऊन माथा गेले. पंचविसाने पुढे जाऊन गस्त मारिली. बोकडसिलेचा पहारा मारला. पुढे भोराईच्या टप्प्यावरी गेले तो सदरेतून किल्लेदार व लोक धावत आले. हाणहाण झाली त्या समयी किल्लेदार कामास आले. उपरांतिक जाऊन सदर काबीज केली.' शिवरायांनी या गडाचे भोरपगडावरून सुधागड असे नामकरण केले. इ.स. १६४८मध्ये हा गड शिवरायांच्या अधिपत्याखाली आला. राजधानीसाठी याही गडाचा विचार शिवरायांनी केला होता, असे सांगितले जाते.
गडाच्या पायथ्याशी असलेल्या 'पाच्छापूर' या गावातच छत्रपती संभाजी राजे व औरंगजेबाचा बंडखोर मुलगा अकबर याची भेट झाली होती. महाराजांच्या अष्टप्रधान मंडळात असलेल्यांपैकी अण्णाजी दत्तो, बाळाजी आवजी चिटणीस, त्याचा मुलगा आवजी बल्लाळ, आणि हिरोजी फर्जंद या सर्वांना भाद्रपद पौर्णिमेच्या दिवशी छत्रपती संभाजी राजांनी सुधागड परिसरात असणार्‍या परली गावात हत्तीच्या पायी दिले.

Sudhagad Fort Trek: All You Need To Know
Also called as Bhorapgad, Sudhagad is a tiny hill fort that’s located near Pali in the state of Maharashtra. This fort’s name is originated after Goddess Bhoraidevi. This fort was discovered around 2
Century BC. This fort was named Sudhagad after the Marathas captured it in 1657 from the Bhamani dynasty. Shivaji Maharaj considered the fort to be the Maratha Empire’s capital. However, due to the central location of Raigad, he preferred Raigad over Sudhagad to be the capital.
The trek to Sudhagad fort is filled with a lot of adventures and joyful experiences and is a sweet and short weekend gateway for the people residing in Pune and Mumbai. The fort is situated at an equal distance from both the cities. You will be able to see the peaks of Tail Baila, Sarasgad and Ghangad from the very top. A total of 2 lakes are situated at the top where you can take a dip and enjoy your peaceful time. Plus, you can also decide to start a camp and enjoy your peaceful night under the stars. Also, you can think of visiting “Pant Sachivancha Vada” and Bhorai Devi Temple.

Sudhagad Fort Trek Details
You will notice the tar road coming to an end once you make your way to Thakurwadi. You will be able to see a school on the right. You can notice a parking spot right there. If you ask anyone around, they will properly guide you to the place. After you cross a few houses, you will observe the trail to be ascending a slight. You will be coming across Sudhagad as you are done with Thakurwadi. Now, you will be able to see the first ladder. The route is well directed, and you won't be getting lost along the way. As you move further, you can observe the route moving through some dense overgrowth until you are in front of the first ladder. You will observe the ladder to be strong and new. After you climb the first ladder, you will observe the trail passing through open meadows with the light ascent. You will reach the next ladder after walking for about 15 minutes straight.
Once you come across the second ladder and climb it, you will make your way to Pacchapur Darwaja. You can easily climb the steps up. However, it will consume some good amount of your energy. The last 15 minutes of the whole climb will be through open meadows. The trail will take you to Takmak point. The trail will shift to huge flat land. You can observe a potable freshwater pond at the very top. If you aren't looking forward to staying at Vada, you can set a camp here.
On your way to the left across the lake, you are required to move straight ahead by following the arrow marks on the way which will lead you to Rajwada. You can rent rooms here. Mr Santosh, who is the temple caretaker, will offer you some delicious food and let you stay for the time being. You can observe the Rajwada have a wooden pillared gallery which is surrounded by an entire courtyard.
Once you start moving, you will be landing on a stone bordered walkway which will lead you to Bhorai Devi temple. Switching on to some history lessons, Bhorai Devi was the only family deity of the family Pant Sachivas. You can observe a tremendously huge lamp tower or deep stambh in the temple courtyard. Also, you will be able to see many hero stones which are carved to pay respects to the death of the hero in the battle. You can observe the temple and Rajwada to be in pretty good shape.
Plus, you will be amazed by the surrounding mountain view. It will make you realize how far you have come in life and will make you immersed in your thoughts. Once you are done, you can make your way back by descending on the same route. Or you can explore another way from Dhondase village, and it is known to lead you back to Devi Temple. You can also book a vehicle for yourself from Dhondase to Pali Village. It will take you about a time period of 2 hours to reach your destination. You can also observe the diversions on the route Dhondase that will connect you to other trails such as Ghanghad, Talibala as well as Kairgad.

सोबत काय घ्याल: एक दिवसीय ट्रेक / What You Should Carry: One Day Trek
1. पाण्याची बाटली (अत्यावश्यक) / Water Bottle (Important)
2. ओळखपत्र (आवश्यक माहितीआणि फोटोसह) / Identity Proof with a Passport Size Photo
3. टोपी / Cap
4. ट्रेकिंग बूट किंवा चांगली ग्रीप असेल असे बूट अत्यावश्यक / Sport Shoes with Good Grip
5. औषधे चालू असल्यास ती सोबत घ्यावी / Essential Medicines
6. कोरडा खाऊ (प्राधान्याने अधिक बिस्किटे, राजगिरा, चुरमुर्यांचा चिवडा, सुका मेवा आणि कमी तेलकट वस्तू) / Snacks as Needed
7. पावसापासून आपले संरक्षण करणारे कपडे छत्री / रेनकोट / Raincoat 8. कपडे एक किंवा दोन जोड्या आवश्यक असल्यास / Extra Pair of Clothes 1 / 2 Pair as You Need
9. पैसे आपल्याला काही वयक्तिक घेण्यासाठी लागल्यास / Extra Cash if You Wish to Buy Something
10. दिवा / मशाल (रात्रीच्या वेळी आवश्यक) / Torch, Good at Night
11. पेन आणि नोटबुक / Pen & Notebook
12. सुरक्षा साहित्य / Pocket Knife

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