Why we started Nelda Treks for a Cause

Nelda; is a synonym of companionship, co-operation and collective efforts for the environmental well-being. For almost three years, Nelda Foundation has been working for ecological restoration through tree plantation and maintenance. We have vowed to help plant and maintain about a billion trees in 25 years in Pune and all-around India. Indeed we cannot do it all by ourselves!

To achieve this massive goal, we need more helping hands, and inspired minds to join our mission. Through every activity of ours, we try to induce our motto in as many minds as we can. Also, we try to reach out to youngsters in colleges and address them to join hands with us for a noble cause. In order to take these mobilisations to the next level, we have innovated a concept; Trek for a Cause!

Features Of Nelda Treks for a Cause

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Our Previous Treks


Nelda Treks for a Cause Raigad, Dec 25, 2018

It was an awesome experience indeed! With our 20 trekkers, Nelda's fourth 'trek for a cause' was a huge success where we trekked the Raigad. Congratulations to Jitendra Shinde and Shivam Ghule for successfully managing the trek and thanks to all the trekkers for coming! Next trek announcement coming soon!


Nelda Treks for a Cause.. Rajgad, Dec 1, 2018

It was a memorable experience! With our 17 trekkers, Nelda's second 'trek for a cause' was a huge success where we trekked the Rajgad and cleaned plastic also! Thanks to Shivam Ghule, Jitendra Shinde and Shivaji Pansare for managing the Trek. Next trek announcement coming soon!


Nelda Treks for a Cause Raireshwar Kenjalgad

In our fifth trek, we trekked to Kenjalgad and it was just another wonderful day in the nature! Not only we had the pleasure of trekking, but we ate totally rural lunch, met so many awesome people and cleaned the area too. Thanks for all the trekkers for coming and special thanks to the professional management of Jitendra Shinde and Shivam Ghule for making all this possible. #iamNelda

Hear From Our Trekkers

awesome experience.. I would like to join again. Nelda team giving their best to environment.

- Saloni Bakshi

Nelda is a great initiative. I feel, all of us should try to be there for their events and make a small contribution towards our environment.

- Arya Ambardekar

काल दि. २३ फेब्रुवारीचा कमळगडचा ट्रेक संस्मरणीय असा होता. गेरुची विहीर तर केवळ अप्रतिम, तसेच कमळगडाच्या पठारावरून दिसणारे सभोवतालचे दृश्य विलोभनीय होते. हा ट्रेक व्यवस्थित पार पाडण्यासाठी घेतलेल्या परिश्रमाबद्दल जित, शुभम व नेल्डा टीमचे आभार. 🙏🏻💐

- Santosh Gurav

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Jeet Shinde


I do my best to contribute to the Mother Earth.


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I pledge my dedication to making Project Nelda successful.

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