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    Online Donation to Nelda Foundation

    Instead of just making a blind online donation, you can order our tree plantation services while seeing your trees grow.

Online Donation to Nelda's Tree Plantation Drives in Pune

Nelda is your beloved tree plantation NGO in Pune. Since 26th June, 2016, we've been planting hundreds of trees and working really hard to constantly take care of them. We don't just plant a tree, but we raise it like our own kid. On Hanuman Tekdi at Pune, we've adopted an entire area where we are running our tree plantation drives and maintenance activities throughout the year. And all this is possible only through the online donations we receive. Our donors have supported us throughout the years in planting more trees and taking care of them. Many people think all we need are the saplings to plant. That's wrong. We need to account for the labour to dig the pits, water the plants throughout the year and also account the ftertilisers and all the other things we need. Your online donations are what keep us alive.

As we are a part of Deshpee Group, we have to fund all our activities ourselves if we fall short of online donations. But that lifeline is limited. All tree plantation NGOs should be independent and hence we actively seek online donations from people to support our tree plantation drives in Pune. With Nelda, you can make an online donation to a specific project, instead of donating blindly. For example, if you order our tree plantation services for saplings at Hanuman Tekdi, then exactly that many saplings will be planted on your behalf. And we will also take care of those throughout the year. So think about it- you are not just donating to an NGO and 'hoping' it will help, but with Nelda, you can actually see the result of your work and verify it anytime. When you make an online donation to Nelda, you get added to our donors list and you can also join us for the environmental activities anytime.

So now the ball is in your court. Ask yourself- are you willing to work with us throughout the year making our environment greener? And if you can't do that, are you at least willing to make an online donation to Nelda to support our activities indirectly? They say 'Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.' So it's now your time to make a difference. Simply click on the donate button to submit your details for an online donation and our team will call you. We are eagarly willing to talk to you!

Why make an online donation to Nelda?

We care.

We are working continuously for tree plantation & nurturing since June 2016.

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We do.

We not only think, but we act. we have over 100+ active volunteers.

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We help.

We are helping spread awarness about green activities in Pune & around.

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Where The Money Goes

This is how your online donation is used.
  • 60% Labour & similar expenses
  • 35% Saplings purchase
  • 20% Tools & events management
  • 15% Administrative expenses

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