We will start accepting orders in the 4th week of September.
1 Sapling Plantation at Pune on Your Behalf

1 Sapling Plantation at Pune on Your Behalf

- Nelda Plantation Services

Do you wish to plan one sapling as a birthday gift to someone or in someone's memory? Then this tree plantation service by Nelda is perfect for you.

  • Location: Pune
  • Year Long Maintenance: Yes
  • Audit Permissions: No
  • Quarterly Reporting: No
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This tree plantation at Pune includes buying the sapling on your behalf and getting it ready for the plantation day at the decided place by Nelda.
This tree plantation service by Nelda Foundation in Pune includes:
- Digging pits in advance for your plantation
- 1 sapling of local Indian species will be planted
- Nelda team will be watering your plant once every two weeks
- You are expected to visit your sapling once a month throughout the year
- We'll be adding fertilizer to the sapling every quarter
- You'll be given a digital donation certification by Nelda

For more information about Nelda's tree plantation services in Pune, please call Shubham on +919823348087.