See our champions and our activities in action!


Watering the Plants and Helping SPSB, 17th Feb, 2019

We watered our lovely plants as always and also joined SPSB in painting a road facing wall at Padmavati to help beautify…


Watering the Plants, 10th Feb, 2019

As usual, helping the nature and having fun! Thanks to the students of MM's IMERT for joining us!


Nelda Treks for a Cause Raireshwar Kenjalgad

In our fifth trek, we trekked to Kenjalgad and it was just another wonderful day in the nature! Not only we had the pleasure…


Watering the Plants, 6th Jan, 2019

It was a pleasure working with Gayatri Tandale ma'am, the deputy editor at Sakal Newspaper. As always, our Sunday morning…


Nelda Treks for a Cause Raigad, Dec 25, 2018

It was an awesome experience indeed! With our 20 trekkers, Nelda's fourth 'trek for a cause' was a huge success where we…


Watering the Plants Plus Cleaning, 23rd Dec, 2018

We'll keep doing what we should. No stop!