Donate a Tree

Be different. Be green. Donate a tree.

We understand your dilemma. You're aware your responsibility and want to do something for the nature but don't have the time for it. It's ok. There's no need to physically contribute to a tree plantation drive to make a difference. You can donate a tree as well.

Tree donation services like Nelda work as the connecting point between the nature and the individuals and corporates who want to contribute to the nature. When you donate a tree with Nelda, you're actually helping make our earth greener and supporting the volunteers who are working for such causes. All while not disturbing your schedule or leaving your home. Though we don't recommend everyone to just donate a tree instead of working personally, but it's the least you can do.

Donate a tree
Donating a tree with Nelda is really easy. Here's how it works:

1. You call us on the phone number listed on our website.

2. We discuss with you the various tree plantation options available in and around Pune.

3. You specify your budget and other wishes you have about donating trees.

4. You donate a tree with Nelda.

It's that easy. There are no hard steps. We keep the process simple. Our young team of volunteers is ready anytime to discuss things with you. At Nelda, we always believe that it will take all of us to save our environment. It's not just one person's or one organisation's job. That's why we work so hard throughout the year for tree plantations and maintaining the trees that we've planted. As you donate a tree with Nelda, you'll be supporting our efforts and essentially doing your part for the environment.

Also, it's not really expensive to donate a tree. With just Rs. 500, you can donate a tree and make a difference. So ask yourself- is it too much to ask? Can't you simply skip just one regular hotel dinner to plant a tree? I think you've got your answer.

Please call our team today to get started on your wish of donating a tree. We can communicate in Marathi, Hindi and English.