The India Greenhouse Gas Program: How Indian Companies Are Making A Change

The India Greenhouse Gas Program: How Indian Compa

If you haven’t yet heard of the India Greenhouse Gas Program (GHG Program), it’s worth taking note of how Indian companies are starting to make a change in the way they manage their emissions in an attempt to create a greener world.

The program helps these companies monitor their progress towards measuring their emissions of greenhouse gases, using a range of methodologies and tools created by the World Resources Institute.

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Let’s start by going into a little more detail.

The GHG program is described as being an ‘industry-led, voluntary framework’ designed to help businesses both measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions.

It encourages businesses to use fewer greenhouse gases by providing reduction initiatives and projects that can make a real difference.

Although greenhouse gases themselves are not bad, it is an excess of greenhouse gases that result in global warming and Earth-damaging climate change. By monitoring the greenhouse gases we use, we can work on ways to use less – keeping the planet safe.


How can this benefits businesses?

As a business looking to be seen as forwarding thinking and ‘green’, work needs to be done to prove that the business is making a real effort to avoid further damage to the environment.

With so many customers looking to buy from environmentally conscious companies, this can result in more business – while also doing a great thing for the world around us.

It also ensures that the company is sustainable and can compete strongly with other businesses who may also be looking to show their greener side.

Essentially, your goal as a modern, conscious business is to provide a great product or service while also showing that you hold the planet in high regard and making as small an impact on it as possible.

So far, the business using the GHG program include Ford Motor Company India, Jet Airways and Bayer Group to name a few, all of which are big names that you’d be proud to take inspiration from.


And more importantly, how can it benefit our planet?

While going green and tracking your greenhouse gas emissions may have its benefits for business, the more important focus is on how this can make a difference to our planet.

As you become more aware of the emissions you are omitting, you will begin to work out how you can lower them as time goes on. But as for why you should, check out these facts:

  • Greenhouse gases are the reason the Polar ice caps are melting. As a result, sea level is rising, and flooding is affecting coastal areas.
  • These gases can even affect the weather in the form of increased rainfall.
  • Despite the additional precipitation, it also creates a risk of dryer soil due to increased evaporation, making farming difficult.
  • Greenhouse gases are causing Earth’s temperature to rise as a whole – too much and too quickly, causing damage to our natural ecosystem.

By simply cutting down, you can help to reduce these effects.


Are you ready to start using fewer greenhouse gases? To seek out inspiration for change, check out the India GHG Program at – and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!