Become a Tree Plantation Volunteer in Pune with Nelda

Become a Tree Plantation Volunteer with Nelda

Without trees life simply can not exist.

The world is currently facing the problems of climate change and the preservation of wildlife, as well as the need to support billions of people. We need to find answers. And trees could hold the answer. Trees provide oxygen after all, and store carbon. They give fuel, food, medicines, building materials, and more to humans. And they keep animals in shelter and anchor the soil. Trees help to clean the air we breathe and also clean our drinking water.


Trees, and our lives, are essential to us. Sadly, the number of trees in the world has reduced drastically in the last 100 years. Since humans have started cutting down trees, according to a study published by Nature, the global number of trees has decreased by 46%. Despite their value to life as we know it, humans are still cutting down trees specifically for paper, agriculture, construction materials and fuel. In the long run, deforestation is a big issue but planting trees is a possible solution.

Tree plantation is one of the most effective and sustainable ways of having a positive impact on climate change. Now we need more trees than ever before! Tree planting is a process in which trees can be planted and replaced and can be of great benefit to the future generation. With consistent tree plantation, we will enjoy many advantages!


Here are a few reasons why we should be planting trees:

1. When we plant trees we give shade to ourselves and to the local wildlife.

2. Trees provide shelter, habitat and food.

3. Trees hold soil, minimising erosion around watercourses and also around the property. They consume rainwater and store it.

4. Healthy trees absorb carbon dioxide and reduce the impact of climate change.

5. Trees provide food. Trees producing food provide for human and animal consumption including fruits, nuts, berries, and leaves.

6. Believe it or not, trees help to relieve tension, anxiety and make us reconnect to nature. It's hard to ignore the feeling of elation that you get walking through a calm, quiet forest.

7. You get to spend time with your loved ones, and at the same time, still make a difference!

8. Not to forget the sense of satisfaction that you get after planting those trees and doing your bit to help the green cover increase!


These are just a couple of examples of what happens when you start planting trees! Feeling inspired and motivated? Want to make an impact? Come with us.

You can do your part to turn those tides around. You can make a difference. We have a vision of making our city greener but to get there, we rely on people like you to change our region — one community, one street, one tree at a time to get there. Planting trees is cost-free. You won't get charged for planting a tree! So why not get it started?


Interested in planting trees in Pune with Nelda? We need tree plantation volunteers to help plant trees in Pune through our tree plantation program. New to planting trees? No problem, we will train you!

Nelda Foundation is an NGO that works very hard and dedicatedly to preserve the environment, especially regarding the scarcity of trees. We think each of us needs to take responsibility for the world and work to make it a better place to live. Actually, tree planting is not really difficult. Only an expert and knowledgeable team is needed. We will work together with our army of volunteers and years of experience to make your plantation drive successful in Pune.

If you, or your company, are planting tree in Pune, Nelda can be your best companion. By 2041, our ultimate goals are to help plant and grow a billion trees. As the children of Mother Nature, we are required to ensure that we take care of her, and we at Nelda will help you achieve that.


Nelda's volunteering is fun, and rewarding. Our events empower you to become an engine of change with the encouragement, training and resources you need. Throughout Maharashtra, we also provide tree plantation services where we support the  companies and organisations who do tree plantation. Our mission is to help individuals plant and grow a billion trees in 25 years in India. To make this world a greener place!

Become a tree plantation volunteer and join a network of passionate people who have no fear of getting a little dirty for a good cause!


Join us as a tree plantation volunteer today and we're going to provide you with bite-sized tips to keep things green and inspire others!