Thinking About Burning Your Waste? Here’s Why You Should Find an Alternative

Thinking About Burning Your Waste? Here’s Why You

If you have a lot of rubbish or waste from your home – perhaps as a result of a spring clean or moving house – you may be tempted to just burn it in your back yard. Many people choose a bonfire as a go-to method of getting rid of excess waste. However, this is definitely one to avoid if you have concerns about the environment or are aiming to live a greener lifestyle. Read on to find out why!


The most common problems that occur when burning waste.

Some of the most common problems you may encounter when burning waste include:

  • Excess fumes, making it hard to breathe clearly.
  • Bad smell in the air.
  • A lot of black smoke which will affect the surrounding area.
  • A risk of the fire spreading, which could result in damage to your property or even harm another person or animal.

These are all reasons to avoid burning waste, and we’re only just scratching the surface. While these reasons will have a negative impact on you and your property, we haven’t even begun to discuss how burning waste could cause harm to the environment.


The environmental effects of burning your waste.

When burning waste, you’re making one of the least green choices available. Here’s why:

  • Burning waste contributes to air pollution – a problem that is already at a dangerously high level across India.
  • If the waste you are burning contains rubber, paint or plastic, it will do more than just create a bad smell. These materials will also release poisonous compounds when burned, creating a hazard for the environment as well as those who breathe in the surrounding air.
  • The pollution caused by the bonfire won’t just disappear once you’ve finished burning your waste – the damage has already been done.

So with these points in mind, we hope you’ll think twice before burning your waste. Instead, consider how you could recycle your waste or dispose of it in a way that doesn’t cause so much harm to the environment.


The alternatives.

If you’re stuck for ideas, consider these options for getting rid of household and garden waste.

  • Take advantage of any local recycling schemes in your area. If no-one will come to collect it, see if there’s anywhere you could take it yourself nearby.
  • Use certain kinds of waste to make your own compost for your garden.
  • Repurpose your old items as much as possible, or donate them to someone who needs them rather than throwing them out.


Do you burn your waste? If so, did you know how damaging it could be and will you be seeking an alternative in the near future? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so share them in the comments section below!

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