Manjunath Swamy, A Cab Driver In Bangalore Is On A Mission To Make His City Greener!

Manjunath Swamy, A Cab Driver In Bangalore Is On A

Banglore was once known for its lush green surroundings and charming environs; but with many developmental and residential projects ramping in the city, it is losing that charm and freshness. Deeply concerned by the transformation of Banglore in a  concrete jungle, one cab driver in the city has taken up a mission to make the city green again.

The cab driver is a 36-year-old man named Manjunath Swamy, who is a BTM Layout resident. He has grown up in Banglore and was unable to see the damage done to the trees for the sake of development of the city. This was the point when he decided to kickstart a mission on an individual level.

One thing which makes him different from others is that he did not rely on any funding for partnership. He decided to cut short his extra expenses and utilised the amount for buying and planting the trees.

In his own words, “A few years ago, I was reminded of my PU professor who would tell us that we need to give back to society, one way or another. I wanted to do my part for the environment and decided to start with planting saplings every weekend besides all the roads in BTM Layout”. (Quote from The Better India)

Not only money, but Manjunath also had to dedicate a lot of time for this initiative. His son would sometimes help him out with the tasks. He used to dedicate his weekends for buying the plants, and planting them alongside the roads, or in the open parts of the city. 

Although his work is an appreciable endeavor, still this was not a piece of cake for him. He had to face a lot of difficulties and had to go through several obstacles for accomplishing his mission.

According to him, “Someone told me once that I would need to pay the electricity board to use the drilling machine and people have cheated me too. Later, I would beg residents to let me use their plug points for the drilling machine. Some refuse, but I haven’t given up. Surprisingly, sometimes residents don’t let me plant saplings in front of their house because they want space for parking,” (Quote from The Better India)

Nonetheless, Manjunath’s tireless efforts have never stopped struggling for the wonderful cause to which he has committed himself. He spends about 500 to 700 for his plantations and not only that, he pays those who have volunteered with him for plantation.


This is not just a story of an effort but an inspiration that every person has the potential to make a difference with small endeavors.

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