Donate Trees in India with Nelda

Donate Trees with Nelda in India

Nelda – an interesting name.

Nelda – This feminine name holds its origin in Irish language. Nelda is a very teutonic name meaning – ‘under the elder tree’. Some people describe Nelda as a scene in ancient times. As there were no mass media and communication gadgets available. Elder people of a village would gather under a tree to seek its shade in the heat of the day. And thereby exchange new thoughts, share and learn new things. As it in today’s electronic life where it is better to have one true friend beside us, rather than having a friend list of 500 virtual friends.


Tress – The most valuable gift of nature.

Step outside your home and we guarantee you won’t be far from a tree; unless you live in a dessert, of course. From pine to oak, to willow and ash. Huge varieties and different types of them surround us. The value and purpose of trees is enormous; and their existence is vital for our survival.

Well, ‘Shade’ of a tree reminds us of the nature’s precious gift to humans. Right from the air we breathe, the water we drink, to the food we eat. Many people among us have lived our childhood by running and playing around trees. We have seen the beautiful flowers bloom on long branches. Collection of different sized leaves from various trees was our hobby at once. Peeping from the window to catch a glimpse of the twittering birds.


If we go down the memory lane a few years ago...

If we go down the memory lane a few years ago, we would find that the surrounding environment was much greener and healthier than what it is today. We had green belts on either side of the road; which today has huge rush of vehicles. If we find green spaces anywhere in cities today, it is only a handful of gardens and parks. Only the unexploited ones by unreasonable human tasks.


What's the importance of trees around us?

Trees are vital. Trees help to combat global warming. Storing carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. Trees are of invaluable importance to our environment and to human wellbeing. But, it’s not our physical health that benefits, our mental health does too. When trees surround us or when we take part in nature-based activities, stress and depression levels come down in a healthy way. As they give us clean air, oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to world’s wildlife. They provide habitats for many species of flora and fauna. They give us firewood for cooking and heat in ancient times and even today. Furthermore, they also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter. Certain trees also provide us with medicinal benefits. Even the bark and flowers of trees are useful as spices.

As in Indian culture (Hinduism) people worship divinity not in forms of humans but also in the form of nature. Mountains, rivers, animals, plants, rocks, planets and even stars are considered as divine. Trees being major processors of solar energy which is vital for our existence. They yield flowers, fruits, wood or medicine and worshipped by the Hindus as a matter of gratitude.

From birds and insects, to bats and squirrels, trees provide a canopy. They become habitat for many special species of wildlife. But they don’t act as a home for wildlife; the fruits from trees provide food for them too.


Ill effects of human activities on nature...

Nature enhances our well-being. It provides us the essentials for our survival free of cost. But, for humans being humans - they can't value the provisions received for free. They have exploited the nature for their selfish deeds under the name of development. The Urbanization and Deforestation are the return gifts of humans to Mother Nature.

If we visit any major city in our country today, we will find big roads jammed with vehicles during the rush hour. No wonder, the number of flyovers that exist today in the name of urbanization. They have contributed very little to overcome traffic bottlenecks. No wonder we live in an environment - called the ‘concrete jungle’. All the green spaces are up by huge high rise buildings and palatial mansions. They have very less regard for trees and bring them down. Thus, making home for luxurious and comfortable living.

Little do we realize at Nelda about how we have affected nature. Such irresponsible human behaviour and its effects on nature. In what form will they present a problem to us in the future?

According to some estimates more than 50% of the tree cover on Earth has disappeared. This is due to various human activities. Thus, at Nelda we understand that trees are one of the most important resources of the planet we live in. So, the future generations are very unlucky as we are providing them with less green spaces. Trees are not only important for maintaining ecological balance. They are important for environment, animals and even for us humans.


Deforestation Without Realisation

Reduction and cutting down trees not only decreases oxygen level. It becomes a major cause of death of animals and global warming as well. Deforestation is the clearing of forest to make land available for various purposes. It represents one of the largest issues in global land use.

Nelda believes trees to be the best gift of nature to humans. Rampant cutting of trees is a heinous crime deed of humans. Nelda team believes that trees are an in-separable part of our ecosystem and we have no right to destroy them.


Deforestation and Health Hazards

Deforestation is cutting down of trees for commercial exploitation. It results in making spaces for construction and other purposes. Deforestation presents a hazard by creating an imbalance of the natural delicate balance. Nature has withheld it in itself for ages till now. Planting trees can help us save the planet Earth from deforestation.

Researches have proven that deforestation is leading to infectious diseases in humans. In 1997, clouds of smoke hung over the rain forests of Indonesia. They did burn an area to make way for agriculture, the fire exacerbated by drought. The trees couldn’t produce fruits. As a result, resident fruit bats had no other option than to migrate. They flew in search of food, carrying with them and spread a deadly disease.

As also in 2020 the era of pollution - pandemic – COVID-19 emerged as a much greater challenge for the society. Many people with COVID-19 had low oxygen levels even when they were feeling well. Low oxygen levels were assigning that people needed medical care and attention. People were spending thousands of rupees -  for a single oxygen cylinder during COVID -19 breakdown. Mother Nature feels that at least then people will understand the cost of the free oxygen that the trees were providing for so long. At this challenging point -  nature had shown the importance of hygiene and fresh air (oxygen). No one wanted to breathe through the masks.

Hence, the team of Nelda pledges to influence the plantation and growth a billion trees by 2041. But, as it is said, ‘Rome was not built in a day.’

Even we at Nelda would need time to give life to our pledge and we can’t do it all alone. We will need hand-in-hand support of our Indian family members.


Donating Trees with Nelda

So, if you feel like giving a greener and healthier environment for our upcoming generations an environment in which they won’t need to carry an oxygen cylinder with them (instead of school bags as we can assume it), Nelda can be your best companion in the run. Nelda is a 4 year old baby born in Pune. We conduct tree plantation drives and lend a helping hand to various NGOs to make Pune city greener. But, yet Nelda needs to grow old with your trust and support.

Nelda also provides tree plantation services across Maharashtra. With our experienced team and years of experience, we offer full support and innovations. It helps companies and organisations to conduct tree plantation drives. So, let’s pledge together to give this holy gift of trees not only to the upcoming generations but to ourselves. You can donate trees with Nelda, Pune - as your return gift to the nature.

This sounds ambitious but planting trees around is worth the effort. They are essential for our healthy and safe life and to enjoy a clean planet. At Nelda, we are sure that planting even a single tree is beneficial and would make a difference.

While we are 100% sure that the cost of donating trees with Nelda is very low, we do accept and suggest tree donations on various occasions. Tree donations also support reforestation-which is the need of the hour. Trees improve the liveability of our cities for countless reasons. Few things are comparable with the aesthetic impact. The seasonal interest that trees offer the urban setting. For every 10% increase in urban tree canopy, ozone comes down by 3-7%. For research says that for every 1 Rs. spent for donating trees it repays us with a benefit of 2.5 Rs. This is only an example for all us business minded people.

Tree planting is more important than ever before. Planting trees is a simple, inexpensive and easy way to improve the community. It adds value to our property. Every tree that we plant is an important and meaningful gift to the future generations. It will happen only once, we start respecting our Mother Nature. Even our upcoming generations will follow the same.


Educating Kids

Teaching kids about trees is a step in an Earth- friendly direction. But before we start educating the upcoming tiny tots all about the scientific facts and importance of trees, it’s better to teach and inform them with some fun facts of trees – in a friendly way. If you’re not sure where to start teaching kids about trees from, let’s pick up a few facts simpler about trees:

  • Trees help us stay healthy
  • They keep us cool
  • They provide us with food
  • They stop erosion

Not only does your child need to understand the practical side of trees. They need to approach their benefits in this way. It brings the lessons or activities to their level. If your child feels that the information at hand affects or applies to them then they are more likely to accept it.

Trees will help us reduce temperatures by its shade and transpiring water. This would help us reduce air conditioning bills and energy use. In fact, they will help us to be safe from Global warming. Studies have proven, that one mature tree gives cooling effect as of 10 air conditioners. This becomes an effective tool in reducing urban heat islands and hot spots in cities like Pune. Trees can also save up to 10% of local energy consumption. It is through their moderation of the local climate.

Trees can bring people together. They can act as a landmark within a neighbourhood. They also encourage pride among people within that community. Trees and woodland areas can bring people together for educational purposes. They also allow us for activity such as walking or bird watching. Besides, they give children somewhere to play and feel a sense of adventure.


Importance of Tree Donation with Nelda

Where would we be without trees? Living in this current era of modernisation full of luxuries and amenities we spend on a whole lot of things. We spend endless amount of money shopping for our favourite things in the market. It’s time we need to think a little about our fellow beings on Earth. Trees as most of them are down by us for our benefits, we rarely take an effort to replant them again. Trees are so important for the global environment and the health of the species that live there. They need our unconditional care and protection.


So, as you can see, humans, animals and the environment depend upon trees for their survival. Thus, as deforestation continues, we must put back what we are taking away. By planting more trees, we will contribute to global reforestation efforts. Restoring lost forests, repairing damaged ecosystems and mitigating climate changes.

If we cannot spare time for re-planting a tree there are other means through which we can volunteer ourselves in the act of growing more trees. Our organisation - Nelda helps you with the same.

Every year 5th June is observed as ‘World Environment Day.’ It is to raise the importance of the healthy and green environment in the human lives. It is the most renowned day for environmental action. The day is all about engaging governments, businesses, celebrities and citizens. Its focus is on pressing environment issue. But, celebrating or dedicating one day for environment – Is it enough? After decades of misusing it, we can be selfish and think all over again why we need trees around us? The major reason being photosynthesis. Oxygen is thus, a very essential part of our daily activity of breathing. These huge lump sum hordes of oxygen are not derived by plucking from the atmosphere. It comes from the trees.

So, if you are not sure about how to begin with the first step and don’t know where to start from, tree donation with Nelda is the perfect answer. Donating funds to organisations like Nelda involved in growing trees. It can lend support by bringing up more trees in our localities.


We are a call away and will feel great to stand by your side in this merciful deed. You can call Shubham on +919823348087 and join us and help us fulfil our pledge.

Donate a tree today, for a greener tomorrow.