5 Innovative Startups In India Contributing To The Environment

5 Innovative Startups In India Contributing To The

Indian entrepreneurs are venturing into every field and trying to establish innovative start-ups. Fortunately, there are also some startups trying to mitigate the environmental hazards. Combined with the passion for social wellbeing and technology-led products, these ventures are helping the country become greener.

Here, we have compiled a list of 5 start-ups and entrepreneurs who have started ventures to promote sustainable development, waste management, alternative sources of energy and environment awareness.


1. Digital Green – Multimedia Solutions Education in Rural Area

Digital Green is a non-profit organisation which brings together technology and social outlook by trying to enhance agriculture, health, and nutrition. They build innovative platforms to empower rural communities through various videos. They partner with the locales, private and civil society organizations to share knowledge on the right agricultural practices, livelihood, health, and nutrition through locally produced videos.


2. Waste Ventures – Waste Management

Waste Ventures averts up to 90% of waste from the dumpsites and generates organic compost. They sign contracts of for some years with the local municipalities and employ waste pickers for processing units and separating waste. This start-up; based in Delhi is launched in 2011, and currently has 44 ongoing projects in this year. Two of their projects have been kickstarted in villages of Andhra Pradesh.


3. Encashea – Collecting Waste in Exchange of Cash (Now Closed)

A Bengaluru-based non-profit institution named Encashea collects scrap waste for cash from some areas of the city, also pay people for segregating recyclable scrap properly, lowering its environmental damage. Encashea also has an Android app which makes it easy for users to request a pickup. Encashea has the price list given on their website. The cost of books is about Rs. 6 per kg, and the e-waste can be sold for about Rs. 10/kg. 


4. Fourth Partner Energy – Accessible Solar Energy

This non-profit organisation focuses on financing and constructing rooftop solar projects owner of for commercial, industrial and residential properties. It has currently raised $2 mn in funding. 


5. Banyan Nation – Recycling Plastic

Banyan Nation is a non-profit organisation which collects plastic wastes from industries and recycles it for further industrial use. This start-up is keen on the reuse of the material which is recyclable, so the company recycles more than 300tons of plastic every month.


Such start-ups and innovations pave a way to create a blend of social responsibility and commercial development. We at Nelda are proud of such initiatives which are budding in India.

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